Delos Excursion

Daily   10:00 AM - 3:00PM     $120 Per Person (Transfers Included)

The entire island of Delos is known as the biggest open air museum in Europe, the only remaining inhabitants are the keepers of its treasured ruins. Depart the port and sail along the western coast of the island to the ancient harbour of Delos where you begin the guided walking tour. Beyond the Agora, the Sacred Way leads to the Temple of Apollo. Next is the Hellenistic Quarter with its harbour, water house and luxurious villas, such as the House of Cleaopatra, the House of the Dolphins, the House of the Masks, the House of Dionysos. Note the architecture and the mosaic floors, which have survived over 2,500 years. Admire the spectacular Avenue of the Lions, where Naxian marble lions from the 7th century B.C crouch, vigilantly guarding the now dry sacred lake..